At The Urban Electric Company, a passion for craft demands an uncompromising commitment to innovation and industry. Our pursuit is, and always has been, simple: to fuse sophisticated design with impeccable craftsmanship in a way that's relevant to our modern world and sustainable for generations to come. Our Core Values reflect our aspirations and remain the driving momentum guiding our actions and propelling us forward: We are respectful. We are passionate. We are honorable. We are dynamic. We are determined. We are humble. And most importantly, we are…Always Proud. Never Satisfied.

The Urban Electric Co. Building 5


Under the guidance of our celebrated Creative Director, Michael Amato, we strive to introduce a continuous flow of new products that are uncompromising in quality, unparalleled in originality and versatility and endlessly customizable in form and function. Inspired by art, fashion, history, architecture and pop culture, each of our original designs is bench-made and hand-finished at our Charleston, South Carolina, factory using a blend of traditional and modern techniques.


Our craftsmen, artisans and engineers work hand-in-hand with each other to continuously improve our manufacturing processes. The result is impeccable craftsmanship using the finest materials and built to endure for generations—all backed by an industry-leading lifetime guarantee.


We empower each member of our team to create an adaptive, scalable and continuously improving organization. We invest heavily in career development. We celebrate wins large and small. And we try to maintain a caring family atmosphere at all costs. When people are secure in the knowledge that they are valued by their organization, they feel safe to experiment, push boundaries and even fail—all of which inevitably leads to innovation and improvement.


We are known for our team’s friendly and approachable character and for our commitment to providing seamless, uncompromising and luxurious service to the design community no matter how large or small the project. We know that there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of purchase orders attached to a single project and we strive to be the ones that you can trust to proceed effortlessly from beginning to end.